Checklist Systems in Neurologic Diagnosis



As literature continues to amass at an ever increasing rate so too does the demand for more intelligent information systems to help manage it. One consideration is a system with diagnostic capabilities where the electronic diagnosis has important implications both for patient care and the electronic medical record. These tools produce a differential diagnosis checklist by referencing key terms across a comprehensive body of journals and publications.

Case Book

The issue of diagnostic accuracy is an ongoing concern. Diagnostic instruction has not paralleled the information and memory demands facing todays health care professional. We have developed a series of 20 illustrated case vignettes to develop an understanding, facility and appreciation for technologically enhanced diagnostic search, particularly key term selection. Each case highlights key term selection and the construction of an effective diagnostic search. BEGIN >


A multiple key term entry system providing a differential diagnostic checklist of disease entities with associated citations, a novel program in the field of clinical neurology.

A single key term entry system in clinical neurology where advanced search algorithms generate a differential diagnostic checklist.